Research on Parkinson’s Disease … and Ketogenic Diet for PD; today’s poem is “Vision Quest”

PARKINSON’S DISEASE: The Michael J Fox Foundation is doing a research project on genetic markers for Parkinson’s among people descended from Ashkenazi Jews. If you fit the demographic, you might want to participate. Meanwhile, they are noncommittal regarding treatment with slow-carb diets combined with intermittent fasting and supplemented with medium chain triglycerides, but there is a small hopeful study online of five people showing that symptoms were mitigated and I find that combination along with exercise is having a good effect for me. Almost no tremors. Do your homework!

NEUROPROTECTIVE DISEASE-MODIFYING EFFECTS OF A KETOGENIC DIET: One recently published clinical study tested the effects of the ketogenic diet on symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (). In this uncontrolled study, Parkinson’s disease patients experienced a mean of 43% reduction in Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale scores after a 28-day exposure to the ketogenic diet. All participating patients reported moderate to very good improvement in symptoms. Further, as in Alzheimer’s disease, consumption of foods containing increased amounts of essential fatty acids has been associated with a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease ().  MORE


Today’s poem:

Vision Quest

Writing in a far and broken country, my pen
knows its kinship with the dark forest, asks
direction of its trees, celebrates its quiet amity
over the din of plastic medicine vials, the 40-foot
serpentine specter of a cannulae, the hiss and sigh
of an oxygen compressor amid layered silences.

We are named on a long list of regional poets.
The region is the sickroom where the palm and
birch in the courtyard know their meaning and
place. Lend a shaman ear. The trees will speak
and tell you that we are found, we are here,
not lost in those vials but found in the hallowed

company of artful seekers on a Vision Quest. Call it
the hero’s journey – Strike up the hill. Cry out for
the Sacred Dream, for the purpose of your life and
its confusions. A comforting Infinity breaks through
fierce grieving embraced. The great dream comes
to you. The trees come to you. They speak in God’s
tongue, which is – after all – your True Voice. . .

Life gives, leaving behind the key to its wide and
wild essence. Unlock the door. Listen … the voices
are gentle and they mark the pathway with poems.

© 2013 Jamie Dedes

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